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Successful hybrid cloud services, integrated IT services, network security, network support services, and IaaS are all produced by KLOUDFOKUS. IT assistance, in our opinion, goes beyond ``managed services.`` It's about making connections with those who rely on technology to accomplish their goals. We will always put customer care first when attending to your company needs.
We provide transitioning from and to cloud platforms, by leveraging technologies developed by Microsoft and other providers. We collaborate with our clients to migrate data, workloads, and services to and from cloud.

Migration services

The migration service involves planning, testing, and implementing. We assess the current system and infrastructure, identify what needs to be migrated, and determine the best approach for the migration.

Cloud configuration and support

We setup a cloud-based platform based on the needs of the business by choosing the right provider, and the appropriate service and configure them to work together. The cloud support involves the continuous technical assistance to ensure smooth operation of the cloud infrastructure.

Efficient collaboration for email, file share, calendar, and meeting

Cloud services like office 365 and google workspace are the top tier for efficient collaboration. The integration of such services paves the way for cloud transformation and shifts the user mentality from just sharing to sharing and collaboration saving time and increasing production.


An essential part of embracing technology, learning to use the tools at hand is an edge that we provide to our clients.

Cloud backup

We offer several services for cloud backup, to protect the data from disaster. Our client can rely on our offerings for a scalable, reliable, and secure cloud backup abiding by the standard norms such as GDPR, and others. We work closely with the best of providers to bring the solutions wo our clients with minimal costs.

Are you looking for secure and reliable cloud solutions that can help take your business to the next level?

Our cloud services offer flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions that can streamline your operations and help you stay ahead of the competition.
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What Makes Network Security Important?
Both opportunity and risk are abundant on the internet. Connecting to the internet gives you access to a world of possibilities, but it also invites every hacker, virus, and spammer to attack your company. The world's best and worst features are only a click away. With each linked employee, the internet's benefits and threats increase.
While shielding you, your team, and your data from the dangers of the internet, network security as a service enables your company to enjoy the advantages of connected growth.

Next Gen Firewall

Fortigate’s Next Generation firewall is constantly updated to keep up with the constantly evolving connected world. For your internet connection, our firewalls act as a kind of virtual security guard. They keep the “evil” out while letting the “good” in. Our certified technicians control our firewalls during regular business hours, but they are automatically watched over twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, a year.

Web filtering

to ensure that workers are utilizing the internet for the advantage of the company. Web filtering shields workers from unintentionally visiting harmful websites and stops sexual harassment and personal use. You, as a company, have authority over what is permitted and what is prohibited.

Endpoint Protection

Your phone, tablet, computer, and other devices are protected by integrated endpoint protection (formerly known as antivirus) from viruses, malware, ransomware, and other online-transmitted problems. Our technicians will be notified if one of your PCs becomes “unwell,” and we’ll be there to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Built In VPN

enables you to safely access to your company’s network whenever you have a reliable Internet connection and from any location. Additionally, it makes it safe for you to use public wifi to access your network.

Don't let cyber threats compromise your business.

Our network security solutions are designed to protect your data and assets from cyber attacks, ensuring that your business stays safe and secure.
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Management and Monitoring

We employ automated instruments controlled by trained professionals to manage and keep an eye on the process twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.

Is managing your IT infrastructure taking up too much of your time and resources?

Our management and monitoring services can help you optimize your IT operations, proactively identify and resolve issues, and ensure that your business runs smoothly.
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The infrastructure (IaaS) of a business used to be wholly internal. We purchased the necessary servers, storage, software, backup equipment, and network components to connect them all. We continued to upgrade our internal infrastructure as our computing needs increased and our desire for location independence rose. It's a technological disaster. Servers for files, mail, ERP, this app, that app, and servers for everything else. We installed enormous battery packs in case the power went out before we had a chance to properly shut down this carefully balanced mess due to our fear of server failure, which also led us to double up on servers for "redundancy" purposes.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Stop being held captive by sophisticated in-house technology installations that are driven by replacement cycles that are governed by depreciation schedules rather than business demands. Hybrid cloud solutions from KloudFokus. can take the place of the internal tech mess. We replace the internal chaos with cloud-based servers that are just as dependable as your electricity, eliminating 80% of the problem. We swap out significant, erratic capital expenditures for a manageable monthly expense. You don’t need to construct a power plant to supply your electricity; all you need to do is pay a bill on a regular basis. For your server infrastructure, we use the same procedure.

Hybrid Cloud Advantages

Your workforce will have a seamless experience thanks to hybrid cloud systems. Utilizing technology from companies like Microsoft we:

  • Instead of weeks or months, scale your server’s capacity up or down in hours.
  • Reduce your exposure to spyware and viruses
  • Use any device to access your email and data anywhere.
  • Instead of daily, backup your servers on an hourly basis.
  • Recover your servers from disastrous failures in a few of hours
  • your capital budget is free

Are you looking for an agile and scalable infrastructure that can keep up with your business demands?

Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions offer on-demand access to a range of cloud-based resources, including compute, storage, and networking, that can help you meet your business needs with ease.
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