KloudFokus is exclusively focused on the success of our customers, coworkers, community, and is built on a solid foundation of trust, integrity, and friendship.

There is a skill to balancing trusting people, business, and technology. We keep an eye on the ever-changing horizon to ensure that your technological requirements are satisfied as your company evolves.

Founder Gerges Karam saw the possibilities for a customer-focused IT business model after breaking free from vendor-specific sales. KloudFokus makes IT accessible and approachable in a market that benefits from human relationships by providing high-quality solutions tailored to their customers’ needs.

Cloud technology is the present and the future. Our company’s name was inspired by that idea. continuous innovation and always exploring ahead to the horizon is our focus. Our crew is always looking for leading clues of what’s to come.

We’ve built a trusted workforce with open minds, who bring fresh perspective and insight to their customers.

Ready to launch websites

With an all-new look and powerful features, Ekko is the best way to ensure success for your business.

Premium plugins included

Save money and start building your website using the best tools available on the market today.

Custom made elements

Each content element has been carefully crafted and offers multiple options. There is a shortcode for anything.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.

Sara Grant

Chief Executive

Luke Jacobs

Marketing Manager

Claire Olson

Financial Manager

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